Poultry & Waterfowl For Sale


This summer (2021) we have the following breeds available:

Birds from day olds and right up to Point of Lay (POL)

 Occasionally we have older birds available.

Sometimes hatching eggs are also available if you wish to hatch your own.

Blue Marans  ALL SOLD

Wheaten Marans
Cuckoo Marans
French Copper Marans

Swedish Flower Hens

Brahma (several colours from exhibition stock)
Silkies (various colours)

Rhode Island Reds
Combebow Creams (olive egg layers) 

Cream legbars

lavender Pekins

Silver Laced Pekins

Chocolate Mottled Pekins

Millefleur Pekins

Lemon Pekins

Buff Pekins

S/L Wyandottes 

Speckled Sussex ALL SOLD

Blue Orpingtons ALL SOLD

Salmon Faverolle ALL SOLD

lavender leghorns

Call Ducks ALL SOLD

Genuine Aylesbury Ducks

Saxony Ducks

Toulouse Geese ALL SOLD

Buff Geese ALL SOLD

 Bourbon turkeys also available this year!